Horse & Hound Show 2016

The stubble fields are cut, the leaves are turning, you’re starting to think about clipping-winter is well on its way. Why not stay in denial a little bit longer and come to our Horse & Hound show on Sunday the 18th September? We have something for everyone-lots of dog classes in the morning for those of you without a noble steed, and some show jumping in the afternoon for those of you without a pooch! We even have a class for those with both so nobody is left out 🙂 Entries are all on the day and the show is open to absolutely everyone, just pop along to the show field in Earsdon at 10am. Schedule is available on here under “Downloads”

As always we would love to have some helpers for the event-anyone who can spare an hour or 2 please get in touch with Lynn Grant. We can’t run this sort of event by ourselves and helpers are always welcomed and very well looked after.

See you all on Sunday-if someone could bring Mr Sunshine along with them you’d be very popular!


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